Inspiring women to look and feel fabulous while working out and after, 925fit was created as a women's activewear/athleisure and sportswear clothing line offering pants, bottoms, leggings, joggers, sports bras, tops, tees, jumpers and jackets pairing high-quality comfort with performance fabrics featuring compression, dry fit, UV protection, and water resistance. 



Lifelong friends and fitness fiends Deborah Soriano and Amalia Russ got together in 2015 to launch their vision - garments with passion and style that allow women like them - working women and stay home moms - to pair fitness and fashion with all-day comfort and high-quality style. 

With their multi-cultural backgrounds of Peruvian and Brazilian origin, and long-time Miami style, Deborah and Amalia have created a stunning line of carefully made pieces from Latin America with contrasting tropical influences, merged with sophistication.

925fit styles are made to empower today's women - energetic, working, modern women who want comfortable, chic, polished, active, feminine lines with sophistication, confidence and class, from gym to street, from 9 to 5! 

June 26, 2021 — AMALIA RUSS